Saturday, December 1, 2012

Still Learning

I wanted to thank all of you who have left comments.  I truly appreciated your messages.  I am still learning blogger.....I think....and would like to leave a reply.  I will be trying to do that soon!  In the mean while thank you!  Also,,,,,,,can't believe I also have two followers.

Several comments mentioned how much they would love to live the fulltime lifestyle.  We just began our fourth year of fulltiming and still love it.  We have seen and experienced so much that we would have never been able to do if we still had a house.  For those who would like to read about some of our travels I have a travel blog at  I have not posted since July as life happened and our travels slowed one wants to read about just dalily life!  I plan to move this blog to blogger this winter.  Hopefully after Christmas we will be moving south for a few months and will be seeing some interesting things!

I was excited to read the second clue for Easy Street.  I have pulled all my fabrics and will begin cutting I hope tomorrow.  Below are pictures of my fabrics......

Close up of the my "grey"

My other three colors

So for step two I will be using  yellow as my "purple".  I am excited to get started with this step.  However, I have one problem....I don't have the Companion Easy Angle Ruler....oops.....So I will be doing these geese the old fashion way....

In the meantime I am busy completing the hand quilting on a quilt for our grandkid number 3.....Eli who will be 4 on December 22.....nothing like a Christmas baby.  I hope to have it done for his birthday.....if not I will have a few extra days to get it done by Christmas morning!

Thanks for dropping by.....happy quilting!


  1. I did my geese the no waste geese way. I think they are a lot faster that way if you don't already have strips cut. You do 4 at a time, I sewed all mine in a little over an hour, I cut my fabric yesterday before work.If you want to know how to do it this way, ask away I will send you some more info. Headed over to your travel blog now. :D

  2. I haven't done many flying geese in the past. Fortunately, I was able to get the rulers that Bonnie uses. They are fantastic. But I want to try the no-waste geese. It sounds like it might be a lot faster. I'm going to check out your travel blog, too.