Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Post

This is my first blog on blogger!  My husband, Tom, and I tavel fulltime in our 31' vintage Airstream Travel Trailer.  Home is where we park it!  Presently we are enjoying the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

I have been a part-time quilter since the early 1990's.  Since we began our fulltime travel journey 3 years ago I had pondered how I could once again quilt.  2012 was the year I started quilting on the road!.. Bonnie Hunter is to!  Her blog, her humor, her not taking the quilt police seriously and many other attributes relite the quilting fire within me.  This year I have made 3 quilts from my little quilt studio....I will post pictures in an up coming blog.......I travel with 2 sewing 1976 Bernina 830 which I bought new in this machine.....and thanks to is cleaned up, oiled and ready to sew.

Now I am ready to continue this journey by making Bonnie's mystery quilt...."Easy Street"!  When the fabric requirements were posted I knew the lime green, purple, aquas, and grey were not colors in my fabric collection.  So I selected colors in my, red, yellow, green (my constant) and white to light cream as backgrounds. One goal is to use up my stash and complete all my UFO's.

Bonnie posted the first clue last Friday.......I plan on making a twin sized I made only half of the 182 four patches.......that is 97.....a few extras are always good.  I am looking forward to following this mystery to completion.....and thank you Bonnie for all you do!


  1. Wow! I like the green you selected. Can't wait to see you progress.

  2. Congratulations on your first blog post! You must be able to visit all sorts of wonderful places in your Airstream - how fun :)Your 4-patches look great. I'm also not using Bonnie's colors...I just don't have them in my stash. I'm using Christmas fabrics. It's fun to see others who are also veering away from her suggestions.

  3. Well congrats on making a studio on the road, and getting your portion of what you want to do done. That is my dream for someday, to live on the road. Congrats to entering the blogland world as well. If you add the google friend connect button to your sidebar, I can come back and follow your blog to keep up with all your adventures, near and far.

  4. Congratulations on starting a blog! I do so much more now that I blog, which I do mainly for tracking my progress and keeping myself accountable. I look forward to reading more posts about living in an Airstream and managing to have a quilting hobby!

  5. Welcome to blogland! I am a reasonably new (and sporadic) blogger but it is so much fun 'chatting' with people from all over the world as though they are your next door neighbours. I love your green fabric - it will be a vibrant quilt. I look forward to following your progress.

  6. Hooray for starting a blog! Wow, travelling all that time - I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like. I'm a homebody and hate travelling. Seeing new places and meeting new people would be nice though. Great looking 4-patches. It's so much fun doing the same pattern as hundreds of others all over the world.

  7. You are living my dream! Darling Hubby and I have a Dutchman fifth wheel that I would like to stay in full time. DH hasn't come to grips with that idea yet. He can manage a few weeks at a time, so I'm hoping to ease him into it gradually.

    When we do take it out, I often set up outside under the canopy. It's so pleasant to piece fabric together while enjoying the great outdoors.

    Congratulations on starting a blog. Now you'll be able to connect with quilters all around the world. Isn't that exciting!?!

    I love your green four patches. They look fantastic.

    Cheryl in Friendsville

  8. I am your first follower!!! Thanks! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  9. You are doing what I had dreamed of for years! Hubby and I bought a couple acres in Colorado and used to spend the weekend up there. We managed to get electricity hooked up and were dreaming of the time after we retired. However, I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis and just stepping up into our travel trailer was too much for me. So, instead of traveling, I have taken up quilting now that I'm retired. Welcome to Blogville and to Quiltville! I got hooked on Bonnie as well and just love her whole attitude! I look forward to seeing how your quilt turns out!

    Tami C. in Colorado

  10. How exciting. I would also like to live on the road. DH not a fan yet. Though he wants to go fishing as much as possible when we retire, he doesn't think that I could hack it. He snores like a man possessed! I am sure it would rock the travel trailer but would keep the wild animals away! LOL. Maybe oa few of the pesky domesticated ones too! I told him I will take a nap during the day to make up for lack of sleep.
    Where do you put your stash? I would love to hear about your travels.
    Have a Wonderful Holiday. Will be watching for you on Linky Monday. I have not linked yet as I have been working on Christmas wallhangings. Today is my day to work on Easy Street # 2.
    Aileen from FL