Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Loving Easy Street

Yes, indeed I am loving Easy Street!  Thanks so much to Bonnie Hunter and all her hard work to give us this Mystery.  And personally, a thank you for opening the door to the possibilities and giving me the gift of confidence that I "can do this".  For you see, if I had just seen a picture of Easy Street I would had said no way can I make that quilt and turned the page!  But I did do it.....and I am loving the results!

I fell behind on Easy Street at clue 5.........we had to travel to West Tennessee for the funeral of my DH's BIL........we spent a week there with family and friends for the celebration of Ken's life.....making it back to our son's house 2 days before Christmas.  I made the blocks for clue 5....took a look at them more closely and ended up unsewing them and doing them all over again!!  So on News Years Day I sewed all day long to finish up all the blocks and then got all the additional blocks cut out!

All the parts

Since I had only made half the "parts" I decided to make one of each block just to see what my colors would look life.  I really do like the "look".  So here are the 4 blocks I have completed,

Knowing that I would not make the quilt as large as Bonnie's I decided to kit up each block.  Here are my

blocks in their baggies.   

 I plan on first making the quilt 3X3 to see if it will be large enough with borders for our beds in the Airstream.  If this works I won't have to make any more parts.  The quilt may need to be 3X4.  If so I have made a list of  "part" I need to make..

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's Easy Street.....this is a wonderful quilt.  Thanks again to Bonnie for doing this mystery.....can't wait to next year!  If you would like to see more Easy Street Quilts go here.

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