Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy Street-Part 2

Living in a small space means you have to be willing to share......a lot!  So Tuesday was my day to turn our home into a quilt studio for the day so I could work on part 2 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt Easy Street. You can find more information here.

So the stove top was first turned into a pressing station.

And then a cutting station.

I used the no waste method for doing my geese blocks....thanks to Anne Marie at "16 Muddy Feet".  When I was getting all my fabric and stuff out I discovered I only had the Easy Angle Ruler.  Anne Marie was kind enough to email me a link to the no waste method.....and then I discovered I had a ruler that made cutting the pieces for the block easy......had no problems at all with this method.

And then the dining room table was opened up and became my sewing center! 

After an hour or so of sewing away and a little bit of trim work I had all 64 of my flying geese done (I am making a twin size quilt so only do half the blocks for now) and 32 blocks cut and ready for another step.

By supper time everything was put up and the table set.

And Alba was ready for me to stop sewing and give him a little attention!

So life is good on the road in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains!


  1. I like your fabric! Can't wait to see how yours turns out. Yellow is such a bright and friendly color!

  2. Our color scheme is very similar! Great minds think alike! Love your camper! Best wishes!

  3. I love your bright and sunny colors. I bet Alba approves since they coordinate with him so nicely--he looks like such a luv!

  4. Glad I could help you out. Also glad it all worked out for you. What a gorgeous cat you have there too!

  5. Looking forward to your next update - lovely yellows!

  6. I too work on the dinning room table. But I can't say that I have been as good about getting it cleaned up in time for dinner. I generally like to be close to the family even if we are not doing the same things together. Obviously you have a different situation. But it seems your being very creative and using every functional space.

  7. I love your colors! Can't wait to see the rest of what you are using!


  8. I like how you show your set-up for sewing. My fifth wheel has a little more room than your Airstream, but I still have to be creative with my space when I am in it. Still wishing I was full-timing!!

    Cheryl in Friendsville