Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

Can not believe I am keeping up with the Easy Street Mystery.....It is keeping me on my toes!  Go here to see the progress that some 200+ quilters are making on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Easy Street.  Its amazing and lots of fun.  You still have time to get started.

I was so excited about Part 3 I was up at 3:30AM to read the new clue!  Hope I can at least wait until a more decent hour this week for Part 4.

I thought I had never done the shaded block before....but as I was looking at a UFO of a block of the month quilt from a few years ago (soon to be my oldest grandson's quilt) I discovered yes indeed I had made this block.

For this block I was able to use my Easy Angle Ruler.....and found it was easy to cut the triangles and as well the construction went very smoothly.....Matter of fact it took longer to cut all the pieces than it did to piece the blocks!  All 33 of my blocks ( I am making a twin quilt and may need to make more blocks) finished 3 1/2" square.  Had a few that were wonky but with a little restitching they were fine.  Had lots of fun doing these blocks.

I have had several folks ask where I keep my stash.  When you travel in an RV you have limited space and you also have to be aware of weight.  So I don't keep all my stash with me!  We still have a storage unit where "the stuff" we didn't get rid of is stored.  I have two storage cabinets and 6 or 7 totes with fabric in them.  When we sold the house I did have to sell some of my stash....no way  would I ever use it all....lol.
So when we are in town I make a decision on 4 or 5 projects I might like to work on while we are traveling and I gather everything I need for them.  On board now besides fabric for Easy Street.....I have a quilt I am hand quilting for grandson #2...Eli....for his 4th birthday December 22, the UFO blocks for grandson #1....Ethan's quilt, the fabric for granddaughter Sarah a quilt. scraps to work on Randy's Sow-A-Long blocks as well as a hand applique UFO and a quilt top that needs to be quilted. I also have q quilt that that I finished quilting that is grandson #3......Evan....needs a label put on it before Christmas! Will I finish all of these before we return to home base?  Not a chance......but it does give me variety.  I try to always have something to do on the machine and handwork in progress.

I have storage area in the Airstream for things like cutting boards, scissors, thread, rulers, etc.  The fabric is stored behind our sofa and easy to get to........I carry my sewing machine behind the front seat in the truck unless I am working on a project then it rides in the Airstream.  It took me awhile to figure out what to take with me and how to store it. Stuff can't be left out......it all has to be put away when I am not working on it!

Yes, I miss my studio I had in the stix and brix house....but I would not trade it for our lifestyle of living on the road.  We love it.......I have been to Bennington, VT museum where the Dear Jane Quilt resides...it wasn't on display when I was there, several visit to the quilt museum in Puducah, KY as well as a visit to the International Quilt Study Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I have basted a quilt on the folding table in a laudry room as well as an island in a rally kitchen at a campground and used a picnic table to trim a quilt for the binding.  There is always a place to get the job done and someone new to share adventures on the road with.  

So life is good Quilting on the Road in North Georgia Mountains and waiting on Part 4!


  1. Your blocks are looking great. I too love to have variety to work on, even though I am grounded right now. Keeps you from getting bored. Not that you could ever get bored traveling from one place to another. Before I left work today, I made the comment, I am so glad the weekend is finally here, only to be told it was only Tuesday.........oh it is going to be a long way to Friday.

  2. Awesome job! I am surprised I am keeping up as well! LOL

  3. Great job on keeping up Claudia! Your blocks are looking great! Hearing how you manage to have a "sewing room" in your Airstream was very enlightening. I do understand about everything having to be put away. I sort of go through that myself. Our cats seem to just love all of my sewing stuff and act like it's their very own toys. Sew on! :-)

  4. I really like your color choices. And I'm totally impressed you're getting it done "on the road".