Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Loving Easy Street

Yes, indeed I am loving Easy Street!  Thanks so much to Bonnie Hunter and all her hard work to give us this Mystery.  And personally, a thank you for opening the door to the possibilities and giving me the gift of confidence that I "can do this".  For you see, if I had just seen a picture of Easy Street I would had said no way can I make that quilt and turned the page!  But I did do it.....and I am loving the results!

I fell behind on Easy Street at clue 5.........we had to travel to West Tennessee for the funeral of my DH's BIL........we spent a week there with family and friends for the celebration of Ken's life.....making it back to our son's house 2 days before Christmas.  I made the blocks for clue 5....took a look at them more closely and ended up unsewing them and doing them all over again!!  So on News Years Day I sewed all day long to finish up all the blocks and then got all the additional blocks cut out!

All the parts

Since I had only made half the "parts" I decided to make one of each block just to see what my colors would look life.  I really do like the "look".  So here are the 4 blocks I have completed,

Knowing that I would not make the quilt as large as Bonnie's I decided to kit up each block.  Here are my

blocks in their baggies.   

 I plan on first making the quilt 3X3 to see if it will be large enough with borders for our beds in the Airstream.  If this works I won't have to make any more parts.  The quilt may need to be 3X4.  If so I have made a list of  "part" I need to make..

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's Easy Street.....this is a wonderful quilt.  Thanks again to Bonnie for doing this mystery.....can't wait to next year!  If you would like to see more Easy Street Quilts go here.

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  1. Oh! So sweet and colorful! I love this one : )

  2. OH it looks gorgeous. Make it big enough to snuggle under. The bigger it is, the more the pattern pops out at you. Glad you decided to try something new, on the road too. Do you have a plan on what is next since your almost done with this one?

  3. Your progress looks fabulous so far!

  4. SO sorry about your loss, especially during the holidays. I hope this quilt will bring you joy, because it is really fun to look at all those bright colors! Best wishes!

  5. This is beautiful in the bright, primary colors. Must be a happy project to work on. Makes me smile to look at it. Nice job.

  6. Your colors are great! Love to see how the different color combinations turn out.

  7. I love your colour scheme too and the way you pack everything so neatly into their little baggies. It was so much fun working on this quilt with everyone.

  8. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Have fun with it! http://crazy4red.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-liebster-award.html